Space Arm Program (1996-98) A series of space art installations and actions by Le Maitre and Rosenzveig
space art Space exploration, that is to say remote surveillance, telerobotic manipulation (the space arm) or manned remote control machines (space ships), defines itself as the employed technologies mediation of 'other place'. A sustained colonial initiative in outer space is subject to the requisite insulating architecture and technological apparatus as deliniated by the climactic conditions of the extra terrestrial environment.  


The Atmosphere And Its Double

A rural space program is documented, and then displayed as an inverted planetarium.

A balloon satellite equipped with a video camera and transmitter is launched and eclipses the moon. Its aerial view is received and projected onto the suspended screen. The audience, lying on their backs, watches the view of the earth recede as the balloon rises and goes out of range.


space art


Television: a form of travel experienced by the still body when subjected to durations of moving images. The televiewers activity is not so much spatial as it is temporal. As Einstein pointed out 'there is no fixed point in space', instead, the televiewers derive a psychology of the present based on the inertia of the moment.


space art


  An interactive video and sound installation where the viewers silhouette appears as a reflection and video image within the structure's volume. Their body image appears as an intersection of multiple points of view of the surveillance architecture recorded in the labyrinthine spaces of the formerly public market (city) - mall/shopping concourses. 


space art