Interplace is an video/audio installation created in 1997 by Le Maitre & Rosenzveig. The source material was shot with two matched cameras simultaneously taping two views of people in circulation in privately owned public space. In the installation the participant approaches two display cases, a suspended window and a video screen. One case contains a live surveillance camera.The camera processes the participants image, tracing their sillhouete, using it as a shape where one channel of material is displayed. What surrounds their image are the frenetic alterations of the opposing views that compose the second video channel. The two channels are synchronized .   The live camera is analyzed and interpreted so that the movements of the viewer shift pitch and volume of one of the sound channels. The sound is displayed in the second plastic case. The installation is delineated by a series of reflective surfaces- mirrors, Plexiglas- that further direct the images of the viewers. Thus they would appear first in a reflective window in front of the projection, then in the projection itself, finally mirrored at the back of the exhibition space.


Video of installation with sound

Photos of installation




Space Arm Program

Le Maitre & Rosenzveig