Flight "The Television experience as distance and duration at the speed of inertia"

(above) installation views of window from street showing projector embedded in televisions shell

The projected video image consists of static camera shots of 40 different domestic television viewing situations.   The camera's vantage point is from the back of subjects (viewers) as they watch television. We are unable to see the actual TV but they are lit as if the room's sole light source is the glow from the television. These images were then projected onto the winter landscape from a moving train and videotaped. This tape was edited so that the changes in landscape, flashes of light and dark, etc., correspond to a typical tv program's activation of the cathode ray tube. The tv with incorporated video projector in the window of the art gallery, visible through the semi-translucent projection screen, becomes both the source of the 'frozen' viewers and the video display object they are watching. 1998

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a strip of stills from projection source. Slides of television viewers projected onto the snow from moving train