The Fleabotic Hypermedia Nonet - A conception of Fleabotics as a nine piece performing 'group instrument' toured across Canada in Fall of 1995, including premiering as the keynote event at the International Computer Music Conference. The live computer interactive performances had Southern Siberian vocalist Sainkho Namtychlak performing the wordless voices of the characters and through vocal chord analysis playing motors, lights and video mixing and switching on the sets. Other musicians included virtuoso contrabassist Barry Guy, and multi-instrumentalist Randy Raine-Reusch. Dan Farrell & Jean-Claude Gagnon improvised poetry which appeared as onscreen subtitles. There was no pre-recorded audio or video material used in the performances. 

"Hypermedia improvisations for a group instrument: a peopled body and its collected brain."

2 mb. movie clip
The Players 
In addition to the lead artists Le Maitre, Rosenzveig & Giborski, the  nonet members playing in the group were: Visual assistant Philip R. Bulk Foodveyor Bonner. He has been performing in live video for over ten years, both in New York & San Francisco. He is a founding member of the video performance groups Lord Knows Compost, 77Hz, and ESMP. He breeds tropical cockroaches, and has refined his own specific style of motorized character control. Slava Egorov, a former member of Aquarium and co-producer of their 14 albums. In the 1980's Aquarium was the Soviet Union's largest selling music group. He has composed and performed for countless feature films including Assa, 1987, Black Rose - Symbol of Grief, Red Rose - Symbol of Love, 1988. He has also worked as sound engineer and musician with Brian Eno, David Byrne and others, and released many albums of his field recordings of the Soviet Union's traditional musics. He designs his own instruments and signal processing devices. Dan Farrell, a writer of poetry. His Thimking of You is available through Tsunami press. He lives in Vancouver B.C. Barry Guy whose innovative double bass work is renowned in the fields of jazz, free improvisation, solo recitals, chamber and orchestral performance. He was honoured with the Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Chamber - Scale composition 1991-92. Founder of the London Jazz Composer's Orchestra, he continues to perform regularly with Cecil Taylor, Evan Parker/Paul Lytton trio, with Bill Dixon's quartet and others. Tuvan vocalist Sainkho Namchtylak, 'the voice of Asian Russia'. Capable of expressing nuance, emotion and drama using the human voice in all it's possibilities without words, her radical extended techniques are augmented by a four octave range, classical training at Moscow's Gnesin Institute, and the traditional multi-phonic overtone singing of her homeland. Randy Raine-Reusch, a virtuoso on dozens of traditional folk instruments. He has studied and performed widely throughout Europe, North America and Asia. His specialties are Southeast Asian mouth organs, long zithers and monocords. He is considered a master of the Japanese Ichigenkin. He is a founding member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

ten piece extended ensemble included:   
Le Maitre, Rosenzveig & Giborski, Montreal, Canada   
Slava Egorov, sound technician & live sound treatments, St. Petersburg, Russia   
Dan Farrell, poetry, Vancouver, Canada   
Phil Foodveyor, assistant videographer, San Francisco, USA   
Jean-Claude Gagnon, poetry, Quebec City, Canada   
Barry Guy, contrabass, UK   
Sainkho Namtchylak, wordless vocals, Republic of Tuva   
Randy Raine-Reusch, South East Asian long zithers, reeds and flutes, Vancouver, Canada 

 ~ ICMC '95 (International Computer Music Conference),
keynote event, Banff Centre for the Arts,
 Banff, Ab., Sept. 4, 1995.  
 ~ Norman Rothstein Theater, Vancouver, B.C., Sept. 9, 1995.   
 ~ Music Gallery, Toronto, Ont., Sept. 14, 1995   
 ~ Meduse, Quebec City, Qc., Sept. 16, 1995   
 ~ Emergent Sense Cafe / Café des Sens Émergents, ISEA '95
(International Symposium Of 
Electronic Artists ), 
Spectrum, Montreal, Qc., Sept. 18, 1995.   

 ~ FIMAV 1996,
(Festival Internationale Musique Actuelle Victoriaville)
Victoriaville, Quebec,  
May, 1996 - same group as above without poets.